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Why not try the Award winning Waxperts Wax?  Its perfect for even the most sensitive skins and strongest hair types. With a low melting point it is the most comfortable wax available.


Also available, Epil Pro hair removal - based on sound energy, suitable for fine hair and Electrolysis for stronger, thicker hair. Prices start from £1 per minute.

Want to have perfectly smooth skin?

If you want permanent hair reduction, we can offer you the latest technologies. Call us today to find out more and arrange a consultation.


Want to soothe your skin with professional products? We offer you a wide range of Elemis products from our skincare collection as well as various body pampering packages.

Modern methods for best results

"I get a lot of waxing done and this is the only place I have been exceptionally pleased with."


You can have silky smooth skin today, call us on:

Our bikini waxes

The Basic - Standard Bikini - £10 - This is a modest bikini wax


The Extended - £15 - This wax Is suitable for high cut underwear or swimwear


The In-Between - £25 - Not quite a brazilian, leaves some hair on the lips and hair is removed from the bum. Suitable for G string underwear.


The Brazilian - £30 - Classic Brazilian wax. Leaves a small triangle of hair at the front of the bikini line. All the hair underneath on the lips and bum are removed.


The Hollywood - £35 - Totally bare! all the pubic hair is removed.


Special maintenance price available if you want regular Brazilian or Hollywood wax (every 4 weeks)


This is one of the oldest methods of hair removal available. It can treat all hair types and colour and if done correctly is very successful. Treatment price from £1 per minute.

Epil Pro

This is a non-invasive and relatively painless method of removing fine hair with the use of sound energy. Treatment price from £1 per minute

Hair V Go

A simple solution to the 'peach fuzz' dilemma. This works by removing the hair below the surface of the skin. It breaks down the protein structure, dissolves the hair and it is simply washed away. A mask is applied to the area for 8-10 minutes which dissolves the fine hairs, leaving the skin smooth immediately after and hair free. A number of treatments are required for progressive reduction in hair growth. Treatment price from £25.

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Full body waxing

Half Leg Wax - £12.50

Full Leg Wax - £22

Upper Leg & Extended Bikini Wax £25

Full Leg & Standard Bikini Wax - £25

Full Leg & Extended Bikini Wax - £28

Full Leg & Brazilian (New)- £45

Full Leg & Brazilian (Regular) - £40

Full Leg & Hollywood (New)- £45

Full Leg & Hollywood (Regular)- £40

Underarm Wax - £8

Full Arm Wax - £15

Half Arm £10 - (Elbow to wrist)

Top of back & Shoulder area - £15

Full Back - £20

Eyebrows - £6

Lip - £4

Chin - £4

Lip, Chin & Sides of Face - £12

Multiple methods of body waxing